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As humans, we learn best only when we experience for ourselves. This means that learning can happen at all places and not only within the four walls of a classroom- whether it is in the classroom, school, home, workplace, playground, mall, etc., and by our interactions with other people at large. An experience that requires us to explore, read, think, question, discuss, and apply in a variety of ways becomes a learning experience. Through teaching methods that focus on creating practical learning experiences, the child gains not only the essential "know what" but also the "know how" required to succeed in this world. It is necessary that every interaction of the child at school is made meaningful and this has to be facilitated by truly dedicated teachers motivating each child to grow and maximize own potential. There are multiple dimensions to a child's personality, and all of these should be molded through a focus on the "whole" child. Education should shape children to be confident, motivated, and curious individuals keen to learn various things and striving to do their best in whatever they do.
It is this form of education that we strive to create
at Redbricks Education!
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