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Knowledge Bus Project
An extension of the Redbricks School philosophy of Multiple Intelligences and Experiential Learning is the Knowledge Bus Project. This Education-on-Wheels initiative is an innovative platform for conducting experiential activities on subjects such as Mathematics and Science evoking interest in the subject from children and adults.

Redbricks School buses are used as Maths and Science buses, which would travel and stop at major and predetermined locations in the city.

Activities that engage people and display how learning of Maths and Science could be fun and practical would be conducted at these stops by trained facilitators and subject-matter experts.

As a further extension of the concept, the buses are also being used for taking underprivileged children to important institutions in the city like Science city.

We invite contributions from passionate and skilled volunteers for this initiative.
Student Advisory Board
At Redbricks Education, we have held a child-friendly philosophy where every academic and non-academic decision is evaluated on the basis of what is best for the children.

As our team sat down to chart down the approach and processes of Redbricks School, we tried to merge perspectives of various stakeholders- experts from various fields, teachers, parents, principals, management, professionals, larger community, etc. However, we soon realized that to implement our philosophy truly, we needed a representation from our children into the key decisions that would set up and drive the growth of Redbricks School.

That is why the inception of Redbricks School- Student Advisory Board! Our mission is to constitute this board with few selected students of Grade 3 to Grade 9 representing various schools, different ages, both genders, and different personalities.

Participating students would stand to gain immensely from the experience by-
    1.having a platform to share their ideas, suggestions and an opportunity to be a part of        the set-up of a high quality school
    2.learn the nuances of participating in formal meetings, and develop confidence,        leadership, communication, thinking and interpersonal skills.

If you want to be a part of this Student Advisory Board or want to nominate someone, then write to us at schoolofdreams@redbrickseducation.org
Red Bamboo Project
Our founding organization, The Abellon Group, is an initiative deeply inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s vision for sustainability and inclusive growth.

At Redbricks Education, this vision has been translated into the Red Bamboo Project, under which the group would take up bamboo plantation on wasteland in villages surrounding Redbricks School Campus, in partnership with local panchayats. The bamboo thus grown would be productively utilized by developing it into a range of products useful for the school as well as for the community at large.

To achieve this mission of transforming the lives of people in these villages through generation of sustainable livelihood opportunities, Redbricks invites Designers/Artists with the passion and skills to train local rural communities around the school in Bamboo Furniture and product design/development. The Group would extend its support to the initiative by ensuring bamboo supply, infrastructural and financial support, as well as marketing and sales avenues, including captive consumption of products generated.

To volunteer for any of the above initiatives, you can write to us at schoolofdreams@redbrickseducation.org

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