Our inspiration comes from Arjuna, a legendary warrior from Indian mythology. Among the five Pandavas, Arjuna is made distinct by his ability to question, acquire knowledge at various stages of life and strive to be the best at his profession, in this case; archery. But apart from all this, Arjuna crafts an appreciation for beauty in life, and becomes a dance teacher in one period of the Mahabharata. Arjuna with his bow and arrow signifies the importance of excelling at one’s vocation, which is essential for the development of civilization, and appreciating beauty, essential for the sustenance of culture.

Arjuna was an ideal student, always eager to receive Shiksha from the Guru, his peers and his surroundings. It is his single-minded focus, his Saadhana that made him the greatest warrior and archer of his time. Arjuna was not only a great archer but he was a great dancer too. He was a lover of art and beauty, and it is this Swara that adds colour to life and makes a holistic human being.